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chisenHale road

The back garden was installed in Autumn 2020.  During the review process the client had a clear idea of what they would like carried out.  RenewEL were able to provide a sketch plan of the proposals and the expert advice needed to ensure the scheme was installed as they wished.


This included providing advice on espalier fruit trees, two apple and two pear trees; as well as a fan-shaped cherry. The team then sourced the two-tiered trees and installed them as part of the garden works. We continue to provide ad-hoc advice on the pruning of the fruit trees as required for the client.


A paved herringbone patio was installed at the back of the garden using buff-coloured bricks in keeping with the traditional London brick building facade and boundary walls. The space is used for a BBQ and access to the canal. A pillar was also installed in the same London brick to hang a replacement metal railing, providing safe access to the canal. A list of suitable species in the east-facing garden was provided for the client for them to procure and plant beneath birch trees and to the sides of the garden beneath Espalier trees. The existing lawn was lifted and replaced by a lush lawn for use by the family in the summer months.



Below is a series of sketches that were produced as part of the design and installation process to ensure the team on site were able to install the scheme in keeping with the design intent set out.

Flowers on Wood

“We are so pleased with the work that the RenewEL team did in our garden. Such a transformation. From planning through to final execution the whole project was managed brilliantly, and the guys were so tidy and polite. Our kids loved seeing them every morning!

We’d wholeheartedly recommend the team to anyone looking to bring their garden to life.”

Client, Chisendale Road

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