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The client brief was to transform their back garden from overgrown planting and rotten decking to a space that could be enjoyed throughout the year, with the sounds of a water feature to bring peace in an urban city surround; they also wanted to encourage biodiversity. The layout took into account a 4m extension that was being submitted for planning permission.


The tiered garden was installed in Summer 2018, using sleepers to create a raised seating area to the back of the garden with integrated benches, also constructed out of sleepers. The planting stepped down to a pond leading to the kitchen extension. The positioning of a Japanese Acer tree over the pond and shade tolerant herbaceous perennial plants including Hostas, Hellebores, Astilbes, Salvias and ferns as well as Echinacea, Lavandula and climbing plants.



This was the first garden installation project we undertook as a team and it was a real achievement for the whole team to come together and install the garden! The potted plants and woodland planting palette alongside the design and installation of our first pond was lots of fun. See below for outline sketches of the proposals, before photos and in progress photos of the scheme. As well as some more of the completed scheme. Since then we have worked on many such gardens and enjoy the process on every occasion.

Flowers on Wood

Client, St Thomas' Road

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