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St stephens road

The back garden design and layout was the first garden to be developed by RenewEL.  Jules; a good friend and part of the team for a season, prepared the layout, plans and planting proposals for the space. The garden was installed in May 2017. Sleeper edges, soils, scaffold deck and gravel were laid, then we introduced the plants and painted the fence.


The project is still looking lush six years later. this a testament to the well-considered design and planting in the scheme.


RenewEL went on to design and install the front garden at the same property in February 2021. A buff-coloured brick, laid in a modern herringbone pattern was chosen as the paving unit. This was selected to lighten what could become a grey space in a north-east facing front garden. The overhang of the upper walkway provided an incidental seating space with table and chairs to watch the world go by. A simple buff brick border provided a 75mm raised edge to the planting to keep loose soil in the planter, 20mm gaps in the edge also allowed sustainable drainage from the paving to the planter.



Flowers on Wood

“RenewEL installed some scaffold decking to my back garden, and some paving and a flowerbed to my front garden. They did a fantastic job and I get lots of compliments on how good it looks. They were very professional and trustworthy and communicated clearly throughout - the guys installing it were lovely and worked really hard. The paving is so cool looking, and the flowerbed looks great, it's totally transformed the front garden - the bed is currently full of spring blooms and is looking gorgeous. Thanks for doing an amazing job!”

Client, St Stephens Road

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