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RenewEL is a non-profit organisation and helped tremendously by the donations of supportive individuals and trusts.  We would like to thank all those that donate to RenewEL, every gift is hugely appreciated. However, not all support needs to come in the form or financial generosity. 


We would also appreciate your prayers for the work to continue to come into RenewEL so we can help as many people in our community as possible get their lives back on track with employment, stability and mentorship from our wonderful team.  In addition, becoming a ‘RenewEL Champion’ where you spread the word about the great works we do amongst our community, to all your neighbours with gardens who may be interested in having their space revamped would help us immensely.


Would you consider giving regularly to RenewEL? This kind of giving helps us to plan effectively for the future.

Regular giving is best arranged via a direct bank standing order

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