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carlingford road

The project was designed by Dan at Beyond the Valley garden designs. He was looking for a team to install it according to the proposals. The garden was over 35m long with different spaces created along the length of the garden. RenewEL were appointed and installed the works in Summer of 2022.


An existing chain link fence boundary and vegetation was removed and a new 5ft high fence with 1ft high trellis above, was installed for the first 12m length of the garden. This was a major feat for the team installing the fence posts, as the roots of the boundary hedge and trees in the garden made it very difficult to install the posts, However, the team prevailed.


An offset rectangular sandstone patio was installed with raised beds to define the space, the sandstone stepped down onto a spacious flat lawn laid out with flush steel edges to create sweeping herbaceous borders either side of the lawn. This led into a stepping stone path flanked by a raised bed for growing berries, including raspberries, loganberries, and a plum tree, and onto an area for utility including a new hedge. The garden then leads into an informal woodland area at the very rear of the garden, with bark mulch and spacious herbaceous borders. A native hedge was installed along the right-hand side of the garden.



The designs for the scheme were created by Dan at Beyond the Valley, we work closely with him on site to ensure the design is in keeping with his design intent. If you are interested in having your garden designed by Dan please be in touch we would happily pass on his details.

Flowers on Wood

Client, Carlingford Road

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