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eaton terrace

The client at appointed RenewEL to maintain their back garden in the Spring 2021, being an elderly gentleman with a large garden he wanted some help maintain the climbing plants, shrub and herbaceous borders. The garden had a cottage garden feel with many bulbs and year round interest with a selection of garden shrubs. On a monthly basis RenewEL maintained the garden


Following the maintenance work the client asked for a design to allow level access from the house to the garden, as in the existing situation there was a series of steps down and back up the garden level which felt unnecessary and encombersome.


RenewEL went through a design process with the client, the first part of this to design the garden itself, the location of incidental spaces and seating; providing options for the bridge across the space. The final design settled on a timber built construction which turned direction along its length; this was partly visual to create a meandering feel to the route from the house to the garden; but also for practical reasons to allow the necessary access to maintain the sunken terrace. The sunken terrace was scattered with pots with a variety of planting, including a small tree to allow this unsed sace to offer a visual appeal from the bridge and the house.


The garden was installed in early 2022.



The design for the back garden was prepared in 2021, the client was wanting step free access to the garden via a bridge across the lower ground, Rachel was inspired by the challenge and prepared a series of options to the client during the concept proposals. Following this the preferred design solution was chosen, providing both clear access to the garden as well as maintenance access to the lower ground patio, further pot plants were installed on the lower ground patio to provide a soft backdrop when looking from above. A final developed design including 3D models of the level change, structure of the bridge and a detailed hard and soft material palette was prepared for final approval from the client before works commenced on site. 

Flowers on Wood

“The bridge connecting my main room to my garden was most imaginative and transformed the view from the living room to the garden. Those working on the site were unfailingly courteous efficient and pleasant to deal with.”

Client, Eaton Terrace

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