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grand walk

The back garden to 6 Grand Walk was designed in early 2021, the client had just completed an extension to the downstairs and builders had installed sliding doors leading into the garden as well as a raised brick platform adjacent to the building facade. The garden was only 3m x 4m and so the team had a lot to do in a small urban space. The client enjoyed growing tomatoes, rocket, herbs and hosting meals with friends, there was also a need for outdoor storage for a BBQ, bike and other accessories.



The design for the front and back garden was agreed and installed in Summer 2021. A raised planter helped to differentiate between the upper level of the home and the garden level and provided a green outlook from the living room. A scaffold deck was central to the garden to create a space for hosting small gatherings. Further herbaceous perennial planting with climbing plants were installed around the perimeter of the space to create a green backdrop to the brick garden walls. The shed and fence were painted a soft sage green from the Lick External Garden Range. Tomatoes, rocket, fennel, rosemary and sage were planted to grow alongside cosmos, dahlias and hellebores in this small hard-working garden.

Flowers on Wood

Client review coming soon

Client, Grand Walk

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