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Nevill ROAD

The client, Susie, has a young family and wanted a space that was functional for all ages. The space was currently being used to house a mini trampoline and a few stray toys; however it wasn’t being used to its full potential.


RenewEL provided a sketch plan proposal, based on the desires of Susie, including replacing an asphalt roof, clad with doors to create a dry storage space along a narrow alley at the rear of the garden; lifting existing paving slabs and the installation of artificial turf; installation of large timber uprights providing a feature swing seat; additional built-in benches with storage beneath them, a new fence along the left side of the garden, and a curved planter edge using sleeper uprights to create a wavy edge to the planted areas. The planting was designed and procured by RenewEL and installed as part of the works.


Flowers on Wood
CUSTOMER REVIEw coming soon

Client, Nevill Road

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