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Renew:EL is a social enterprise, we work with those on the edges to help them succeed in life, however that might look.​ We founded in 2017 as a community of people who love the art of design, making and creating, maintaining and constructing gardens in the London area.


​Modern society has a way of casting things aside and letting what was once beautiful become cold, ugly and overgrown and city life only compounds the issue. Just like many of our outside spaces, balconies and gardens lives can become isolated, desolate and wasted.  


At RenewEL we’re all about finding these spaces (and lives) and restoring them. Sometimes to their original beauty; sometimes to a beauty that’s never been seen before.  ​We take folk who have fallen on the wrong side of life; whether through homelessness, addiction, offending behaviour or poor mental health and train them up as part of our gardening team.


We’re a not-for-profit organisation whose desire is to instil a hope back into these guys.  We give them a fresh start.  We invest in them.  Give them new skills and do all we can to help their lives flourish.

We do the same for the gardens and spaces that we work with them on.  Giving a purpose to a dry patch of land.  Digging deep to break through concrete to find rich soil once more.  

It’s what we love to do.  

Yes, it’s hard work, but standing back and seeing new life come makes it all worthwhile.  


We see it every time we work on a new garden or when we take on a new team member.  That’s why we know that with a little work we can bring back the beauty.


R e c l a i m i n g    b e a u t y

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