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medway road property two

The client had seen the RenewEL van parked around Roman Road and contacted the team in July 2021. This young family wanted to make the most of the garden space; in the existing situation the garden had a small lawn with planting to the perimeter, overgrown climbers from a neighbouring property to one side and a large fruiting cherry tree at the rear. 


RenewEL went through the design process with the client and established their needs; a chic urban garden which was accessible all year round, with minimal planting and maintenance requirements. They wanted to keep the existing cherry tree, and build a bespoke deck and around it; the deck was to be laid at 45o to give a further interesting feature to the ground plain.


A bespoke horizontal battened fence was designed to the left hand side of the garden to provide privacy and contain the garden. A series of lantern poles were installed at intervals either side of the garden to allow a string of concertina lighting to be hung through the poles, this allowed the garden could be used on darker nights in Spring and Autumn and also for a pretty view from the kitchen in the evenings.


Flowers on Wood

Client, Medway Road

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